Cannabis Medical Certification

At Alternative Therapy MD, we are happy to offer thorough and precise medical Cannabis Certification. We specialize in all types of qualifying medical conditions. Our clients are given a thorough exam and history, dosing information, and help with necessary state paperwork and online registration. We firmly believe in alternative medicine as a viable option for the treatment of many illnesses. If you would like to see one of our medical cannabis doctors, please contact Alternative Therapy MD for an appointment today.


Appointment Pricing Options

Classic Appointment:

  • Personalized “In Office”
  • Personalized Physical Assessment
  • Review and Management of Medical Records
  • Cannabis Education
  • Qualifying diagnosis certification
  • **MMCC Enrollment must be completed BY YOU prior to your appointment so that qualifying doctor can assign your certification number for you to upload**



Premium Appointment:

  • Everything from Classic and...
    • MMMC Enrollment/Registration
      • Registered Nurse will help you complete your Initial electronic enrollment through the State of Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) website
  • Requirements for enrollment
    • Valid email (can be created for you)
    • Government issued photo ID (proof of residency required if not MVA ID card)
    • Current color photo (taken at appointment)


“Concierge” Appointment:

  • Doctor comes to you for your personalized appointment in the comfort of your own home.
  • Includes everything from Classic.

Call For Pricing

Recertification Appointment:

All patients must purchase an ID card from the MMCC before April 2019. The ID card is $50.00 and will expire in 3 years. Patients certification from the provider expire every year.



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